Concerning increase in syringes found in kerbside waste

Published on 21 June 2021

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Residents or businesses who regularly use and dispose of syringes and needles are reminded not to dispose of them through Council’s kerbside bin service.

The reminder follows a concerning increase in syringes found in kerbside bins, including green bins and recycling bins.

Councillor for Environment and Sustainability Jodi Reynolds said while the reports of syringes, including large numbers of syringes in yellow ‘sharps containers’, being disposed of in any kerbside bin was an issue, finding them in recycling and green bins was particularly concerning.

“Our organic waste is sorted by hand, meaning people who dispose of syringes in green bins are putting other people in our community at risk, which is not acceptable,” Cr Reynolds said.

“It’s also totally unnecessary given we have effective and well established arrangements in place for people and businesses to dispose of syringes and other sharps in our region.”

Council provides yellow sharps containers free-of-charge for households from its Madden and Deakin Avenue Service Centres and Ouyen Service Centre. These can be returned and exchanged for empty containers at these same locations at no cost.

Sharps containers are also available at a number of other local health service providers and pharmacists, including Sunraysia Community Health Services.

For more information about how to correctly dispose of syringes or needles, including locations to obtain or exchange sharps containers visit

Businesses such as acupuncturists, doctors, veterinarians and tattooists that use sharps for procedures or services must arrange for a medical waste disposal contractor to dispose of used sharps. 

“This is broader than a waste issue, it’s really a public health issue. Sharps should only be disposed of in approved sharps containers which are readily available,” Cr Reynolds said.



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