Council provides a range of immunisation services and programs to help protect the community against preventable diseases. This includes free regular immunisation clinics, adult immunisations as well as school and workplace immunisation programs. 

Free Immunisation Clinics

Regular public immunisation clinics are held at various locations throughout the region. All vaccinations that are part of the routine schedule of vaccines provided free under the National Immunisation Program are available at these clinics.


You do not have to make an appointment to attend an Immunisation Clinic, with the exception of the Ouyen, Murrayville and Underbool Clinics. To make an appointment for the Ouyen, Murrayville or Underbool Clinic please call (03) 5018 8600.


Mildura Alfred Deakin Centre Tuesday 22 August 5pm - 6pm
Corner Deakin Avenue and Twelfth Street, Mildura Thursday 7 September 9:30am - 10am 
  Tuesday 12 September 2pm - 2:30pm 
  Tuesday 26 September 5pm - 6pm
 Irymple Maternal and Child Health Centre Friday 25 August 10am - 10:30am 
 2 Casuarina Drive, Irymple Friday 1 September  2pm - 2:30pm 
  Friday 22 September  10am - 10:30am 
 Merbein Community Hub - Community Room 2 Tuesday 12 September 12pm - 12:30pm 
 Main Avenue North, Merbein Thursday 21 September  2pm - 2:30pm 
 Red Cliffs RSL Hall Tuesday 22 August  1:30pm - 2pm 
 Jamieson Avenue, Red Cliffs Thursday 7 September  12pm - 12:30pm 
  Tuesday 26 September   1:30pm - 2pm 
 Murrayville Maternal and Child Health Centre  Monday 28 August 10:45am
 Gray Street, Murrayville  Monday 18 September 10:45am
Ouyen Service Centre   Monday 28 August 1:30pm 
79 Oke Street, Ouyen  Monday 18 September 1:30pm 
Underbool Mallee Track Bush Nursing Centre  Monday 28 August  12pm 
Monash Avenue, Underbool Monday 18 September  12pm 


More information

Phone: (03) 5018 8100

No Jab No Play – immunisation requirements

'No Jab, No Play' is the name of legislation that requires all children to be fully vaccinated, unless they have a medical exemption, to be enrolled in childcare or kindergarten in Victoria.

For more information read the Frequently asked questions about the 'No Jab, No Play' legislation.

No Jab No Pay – immunisation requirements

The Australian Government is extending the immunisation requirements for Child Care Benefit (CCB), Child Care Rebate (CCR) and the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A end of year supplement.

From 1 January 2016, families with children who are not immunised (and do not have an approved exemption) will not receive the FTB Part A end of year supplement and child care subsidies.

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