Merry Christmas from our CEO

Published on 22 December 2015


With Christmas only days away, my family and I would like to share our best wishes to all of you, your families and friends for a special, safe and joyous Christmas period.  

Christmas is a time when people celebrate with joy and love with the people around them. It is also a time of tolerance and care when we often reach out to share with others, particularly those who are lonely, sad or facing pain and suffering in our community or around the world. The festive season sees the end of one year and anticipates the commencement of a new, making it a great time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

I am very proud to be CEO of Mildura Rural City Council, an organisation that strives to improve the quality of life of all members of the community. Our vision to be the most liveable, people-friendly community in Australia is not just a catch phrase to me – it’s part of the reason many of us choose to live here. 

This is a wonderful, friendly and multi-cultural community comprising people from all walks of life. We have come from all parts of the world and whilst I delight in my own heritage and culture, I enjoy and appreciate the rich contribution other cultures make to our community. 

From my experience and observations, it’s clear our region openly welcomes newcomers to our schools, churches, workplaces, sporting clubs and neighbourhoods, making our community diverse, tolerant and inclusive.

I believe we can hold onto the spirit of generosity and community care that the Christmas period brings, and apply it for the whole year in building stronger and more inclusive families, neighbourhoods and communities.  My Christmas wish is to see our region continue to develop and be a diverse, tolerant and multicultural society in 2016.

Again, I want to say I’m proud to be CEO of an organisation working with amazing staff and a community like ours.  Let’s work together to keep our part of the world a wonderful, peaceful, safe place for all who call it home.

Gerard José 
Chief Executive Officer