Bilingual Children’s Book Project

Mildura Rural City Council, in partnership with other community groups, has developed a series of children's books in both English and other community languages common in our region.

Storybooks have been created in English, Arabic, Punjabi, Dari, Kirundi, Filipino and Uyghur and other languages following a series of writing and illustration workshops.

Check out audio recordings of each of the books or download a PDF version in the links below! Books will soon be available from SMECC’s 'Nourish Sunraysia' store, located at Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council site on Twelfth Street, Mildura.

Brickadee Brickadee Brack

Written by: Rachelle Senior
Illustrated by: Benedict Baraka
Translated by: Kunnika Powell

Download a copy(PDF, 2MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Audiobook (Thai): 

Come and Meet My Family

Written by: Rachel White
Illustrated by: Win Moser 
Translated by: Jamila Mahmud

Download a copy(PDF, 2MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Audiobook (Uyghur): 

Down by the River

Written by: Melinda Noonan
Illustrated by: Children of Pasadena Preschool
Translated by: Flora Walter

Download a copy(PDF, 2MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Auidobook (Malay): 

Friendly Days of the Week

Written by: Janviere Ngendakubwayo
Illustrated by: Ann Hayward
Translated by: Janviere Ngendakubwayo

Download a copy(PDF, 1MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Audiobook (Kirundi): 

I am a Circle

Written by: Claire Milne
Illustrated by: Claire Milne
Translated by: Claire Milne

Download a copy(PDF, 6MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Audiobook (Mandarin): 

I am me

Written by: Lucie Uhlarova
Illustrated by: Shelby Dal Farra
Translated by: Lucie Uhlarova

Download a copy(PDF, 1MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Audiobook (Czech): 

Mildura Holiday

Written by: Bridget Byrne
Illustrated by: Bridget Byrne
Translated by: Maryam Najmi

Download a copy(PDF, 1MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Audiobook: (Dari): 

Mildura Seasons

Written by: Claire E. Peters
Illustrated by: Donna Rawlinson
Translated by: Satwant Kaur Grewal

Download a copy(PDF, 1MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Audiobook (Punjabi): 

Ronnie Learns to Swim

Written by: Carole Krake
Illustrated by: Becky Smith
Translated by: Rawia Mahmoud

Download a copy(PDF, 4MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Audiobook (Arabic): 

My Townsfolk

Written by: Amie Padilla Warburton
Illustrated by: Hannah Warburton
Translated by: Amie Padilla Warburton

Download a copy(PDF, 1MB)
Audiobook (English): 
Audiobook (Filipino): 

Smarter Children

Written by: Brian Hunt
Illustrated by: Stacey Perry
Translated by: Patsy Doolan

Download a copy(PDF, 536KB)
Audiobook (ENGLISH):