Works & Engineering Fees

Fees valid from 1 July 2023
* Fee includes GST

Road Opening Permits

Minor Works <8m^2 - (Application Fee) each $100.80
Driveway Inspection Fee (per driveway) each $111.30
Major Works >8m^2 - (Application fee) each $156.40
Legal Point of Stormwater Discharge each $155.30
Permit to Occupy Road reserve each $74.60
Permit to allow for occupation of road reserve to allow for building on adjacent land and run events


Asset Protection Permit

Application Fee each $197.69
Additional Inspection Fee each $93.36


Reinstatement of Road Openings

NOTE: Minimum Charge $490 GST Free

Footpath Under 10m - Kerb and Channel m2 $350.00
Footpath Under 10m - Concrete m2 $215.00
Footpath Under 10m - Vehicle Crossing Reinforced Concrete m2 $250.00
Road Surface Under 10m - Bituminous Asphalt m2 $215.00


Hoarding Permit

Service Unit Fee
Application fee each $196.85
Weekly fee per week $105.50