Youth Awards

The Youth Awards celebrate and recognise the amazing young people aged between 12 and 25 years of age who live, work or study within the Mildura Rural City Council area.

For more information call our Youth Services Team on (03) 5018 8100.

Award Categories

Further information on each category, including award criteria, can be found in the Guidelines and Nomination Forms. 

Category  Purpose
Carer Award This award recognises an individual who is a carer for a family member, relative or friend with a disability, mental illness or chronic condition.
Volunteer Award This category recognises a young person who regularly gives up his or her valuable time and effort for the benefit of the community or an organisation
Community Award (Group) This category recognises a group or team committed to the improvement of the wellbeing of others or participate voluntarily in the community.
Artist Award (Individual) This category recognises a young person who has demonstrated initiative, innovation and made a positive community contribution through drama, visual arts, performing arts, technical support, debating, literacy pursuits or music.
Arts Award (Group) This category recognises a group or team who have shown dedication through live performance, displays aimed at enhancing the local visual or performing arts.
Environmental Award (Group) This category recognises young people who are committed to living a sustainable lifestyle, advocates for positive change and are passionate about the conservation of the natural environment.


2019 Award Winners

Youth Artist Award - Loughie Kemp
Most Outstanding Young Carer Award - Lily Bruhn
Youth Volunteer Award Joint Winners - Jarrod Searle and Cheyenne Cochrane
Youth Community Group Award – HomeBase


Previous Award Winners

Youth Volunteer Award Joint Winners
 – Bethany Simpson and Tanika Thorne
Youth Group Award – Bold Magazine
Youth Carer Award – Carla Piscitelli
Youth Artist Award – Ben Muster 

Youth Volunteer Award Joint Winners – Georgie Hopkins and Antonio Liparota
Youth Group Award – Afghan Representatives of Mildura Mehdi Arifi , Sayema Najafi, Idress Jaffari ,Latifa Jaffry; Mohammed Ad Shujaee; Raihana Hashimi; Rohullah Ataye; Sadia Najafi; Saadat Ibrahimi
Youth Carer Award – Guylac (Rau) Mak 
Youth Artist Award – Emily McEwan 

Youth Volunteer Award Joint Winners - Jemma Searle and Jack Perry
Youth Artist Group Award - Sunraysia Gang Show Movement Team - Lily Adams, Kayla Adams, Alicia Jones, Rhiannon Curtis, Emily McEwan, Catherine O’Callaghan, Jarrod Searle, Jemma Searle and Sharnie Stimm
Youth Carer Award - Lexie Millward
Youth Artist Award - Brooke Lauder 

Youth Volunteer Award  - Juslin Ruganzia
Youth Community Group Award – Leo Club of Sunraysia - Katerina Blekic, Ivana Bleic, Nikolas Blekic, Salli Browne, Teagan Deacon, Allie Deacon, Erica Deacon, Jack Dobbs, Emily Evans, Joshua Gowers, Tahlia Kite, Chris Lawrence, Todd Linnett, Ben Mahoney, Danielle Mazza, Mikayla McGowan-Rickard, Aleare Smith, Bonnie Ransome, Holly Stone, Matt Valerio, Dylan Watson and Chlsea Wilkinson
Youth Carer Award Joint Winners – Tyson Keeble & Shannon Proctor

*Note award categories were changed in 2015

Create Award: Kurt Graf
Participate Individual Award -  Zhoe Drust
Group Participate Award-  Ride for the Hills group - Angus Bock, James Nugent, Jake Cumming, Jacob Lonsdale and Jack O’Donnell, Declan Marrows, Ethan Hicks, Tim Hill and Ben Galbraith
Activate Award -  Tyler Trevaskis
Most Outstanding Young Carer Award: Breanna Noble

Create Awards Joint Winners - Genevieve Pragt & Brody Flowers
Activate - Amanda Doolan
Individual Participate Award – Katerina Blekic
Group Participate Award Joint Winners -  Chaffey Secondary College - Diversity Program and Mildura FReeZA Committee
Most Outstanding Young Carer Award - Stephanie Slater