Youth Art Prize

The FReeZA Youth Art Prize is a competition that aims to encourage the creative talents of our young people and provides a showcase for their works.

The announcement of winners was held on Wednesday 8 August 2018

Year 7 & 8:

Painting: Sarah Watts for ‘Sunset Silouette’ 

Drawing: Jasmine McDermott for ‘Beast Within The Forest’ 

Photography: Nikita Tiltins for ‘Strelitzia’ 

Graphic Design: Alysian Milward-Holmes for ‘Sitting’ 

3D: Rebecca Shugg for ‘Island Hop’ 

Year 9 & 10:

Painting: Elana Parnis for ‘Hills’ 

Drawing: Maddy Overell for ‘Black & White Camera’ 

Photography: Tiggy Nasoufis for ‘Blossom’ 

Year 11 & 12:

Painting: Olivia McCarten for ‘ The Warrior’ 

Drawing: Grace Newton for ‘City Girls’ 

Graphic Design: Nathan Mitchell for ‘Refraction’ 

3D: Emily Hocking for ‘In The Palm Of My Hand’ 

People’s Choice

Jasmine McDermott for ‘Beast Within The Forest’