Accepting Soil at Mildura and Ouyen Landfills

Anyone bringing soil into Mildura or Ouyen Landfills will need to complete the online booking form and ensure you have met all the requirements before coming onto site. It is highly recommended you visit the EPA VIC website: Managing waste soil | Environment Protection Authority Victoria (


Soil Disposal Request form

Mildura Landfill is licensed to accept:

  • Clean fill (clean fill is to be as clean of contaminates as reasonably practicable before attending site to dispose)
  • Category C and D contaminated soil
  • Soil containing asbestos

Ouyen Landfill is only allowed to accept:

  • Clean fill 

Council is changing the way we accept soil at our Mildura and Ouyen Landfill sites. Changes are being made to meet the new requirements under the new Environment Protection Act that begins on 1 July 2021.

The EPA Victoria document: Guide to classifying industrial waste will outline the process. Classifying waste soil helps you determine the waste code and type before transportation. You can find the document here: 1968.1: Guide to classifying industrial waste | Environment Protection Authority Victoria (


To meet your industrial waste duties, you must classify soil to find a lawful place to dispose of it. 

To meet your priority waste duties, you must classify priority waste soil in accordance with the: 

You need to determine the priority waste category if soil is going to landfill. The priority waste categories for soil are Category A, B, C , D and soil containing asbestos only. The priority waste category tells you which landfill the soil can go to, and which waste levy applies.