3 bin system


Mildura Rural City Council is introducing a 3 bin system in July 2020. Everyone with a kerbside bin service will receive a third, 240L, green lidded bin for food and garden organic matter.

The green bin will complement your existing red lidded landfill bin and yellow lidded recycling bin.

Bin Capacity  Collection Disposal
Green 240L   Weekly  Food organics and garden organics
Red 120L  Fortnightly Landfill/Rubbish
Yellow 240L  Fortnightly Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is council introducing a 3 bin system?

A huge number of the community support it and currently 59 out of 79 Victorian councils provide green bins. Diverting ‘green’ or ‘organic’ waste from landfill is the most important waste management priority at local, state and national level. Currently, more than half (approximately 5,600 tonnes) of what we throw in our rubbish bins is garden and food waste. Introducing a third green bin is expected to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill by 39 per cent, which will improve the environment, extend the life of our landfills and ensure Council meets legal requirements set out by the Victorian Government and Environmental Protection Authority.

When will the 3 bin system be introduced?

The new green bin system will commence on Monday 6 July 2020. A major community education and engagement campaign will be conducted before the new system is implemented.

What sorts of things go in a green bin?

Your 240L green bin is for food and garden organics. This includes things like lawn clippings, small branches, weeds, vegetable scraps, egg shells, meat, fish, bones, bread, tea bags and coffee grounds. You may be surprised to hear animal poo can also go in. For more details of what can go into the green bin refer to Flyer - Organics Bin - What can go in(PDF, 113KB)

What else will I get to help me use my green bin properly?
Everyone who receives a green bin will also receive a kitchen caddy and compostable bags, to easily collect and dispose of food scraps.  Clear, easy to follow information will also be provided to every business and household.

How often will the green bin be emptied?
The 240L green bin will be emptied weekly. Your 240L yellow recycling bin will continue to be emptied fortnightly and your 120L red landfill bin will switch to fortnightly collection.

How should nappies be disposed of?
With a move to a fortnightly 120L red landfill bin service, parents or guardians concerned about odours from nappies can consider double-bagging nappies when disposing of them. Another option could be to utilise scented rubbish bags, which are widely available. Nappy manufacturers also recommend that any solid waste is scraped into the toilet before disposing of them.

Is the green bin optional?
No. The success of the 3 bin system relies on all households and businesses adopting a green bin.

More information

Contact our Waste Management team on (03) 5018 8100
Email mrcc@mildura.vic.gov.au