Memorial and Plaques Application

Mildura Rural City Council recognises that members of the community may wish to establish a memorial for persons, events or disasters in public open spaces and road reserves. All requests for memorials and plaques are dealt with in accordance with the Memorials and Plaques Policy CP043. The Memorials & Plaques Establishment Procedure is a document which defines the criteria with which requests are considered and outlines the application and approval processes. You can find both of these forms below. So that your application can be accurately assessed, please ensure that your application meets all required criteria outlined in the mentioned documents.

Council will consider applications for the following types of memorials:

  • Plaque - A flat tablet that includes text or other images which commemorates a person or event installed flush with the surrounding ground plane, rock or wall. The final size of a plaque will be assessed in relation to the location and the subject matter. Plaques should not interfere with, or cause additional maintenance of a site.
  • Memorial – An object established in memory of a person, event or disaster. The memorial must convey the nature of the contribution being commemorated.
  • Tree – A specific tree planted for symbolic reasons. Species and final location are to be determined by Mildura Rural City Council upon request. A small plaque, generally 100mm x 50mm can be included and installed at the base of the tree. A replacement tree will not be provided should the original tree die.

On receipt of an application, all requests for memorials will be subject to the Land Manager’s Consent process for pre-approval followed by an assessment of the design and wording. The Land Manager’s Consent application process will be initiated on behalf of the applicant, however the applicant may be contacted to provide additional supporting documents where applicable.

All requests for memorials will be submitted to Council for consideration and decisions will be confirmed to the applicant in writing.

Please submit your application to: Chief Executive Officer, Mildura Rural City Council by Post: PO Box 105 MILDURA VIC 3502, alternatively you can forward your application through to