Nichols Point Residential Development Plan

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Current Status

The Development Plan has now been finalised but has yet to be adopted by the Council. To ensure the desired development outcomes can be properly funded following changes introduced by the Minister for Planning, a new Development Contributions Plan (DCP4) is now being prepared for Nichols Point and the project is on hold until this process is completed.

Following preparation of DCP4, authorisation will be requested from the Minister for Planning to prepare Amendment C97 and include the new DCP with Schedule 4 into the Mildura Planning Scheme.

Following gazettal of Amendment C97, the Nichols Point Development Plan including any necessary changes will be put to Council for final adoption.


Council is working on a Residential Development Plan for Nichols Point. 

The purpose of the plan will be to set out the future policies and direction for the pattern of residential development and infrastructure requirements in Nichols Point and the surrounding area. 

The Plan will show where future residential areas, roads, pathways, parks, wetlands and physical infrastructure will be located.

The map below shows the area which will be included in the Residential Development Plan.

Area map.jpg 

For more information please view the documents below or contact Strategic Planning on (03) 5018 8412 or

Project Progress/Timelines

  • August 2015: Preliminary investigations and initial community consultation
  • September/October 2015: Identify key issues and discuss findings with community.  Exhibition Friday 25 September 2015 to Friday 9 October 2015
  • November 2015: Consider Submissions
  • December 2015: Clarify preferred options
  • February 2016: Draft plan on exhibition for public feedback
  • May 2016: Final Plan presented to Council for consideration and adoption