Voices of Children

In 2019, Hands Up Mallee and the Mildura Rural City Council (MRCC) Early Years Planning Team, with the help of Early Years Educators and friends, set out to ask children aged 3-8, who live in the Northern Mallee, what they did and didn’t like, and what they wanted for their future.

The project aimed to hear from at least 375 children aged 3-8 Years, who live in the Mildura LGA. The project reached over 450 children, with 375 giving us their consent to use their thoughts and creative works to help shape our community into a better place for everyone.

The work has been used to create: The Voices of Mallee Children - a storybook based on what the children have told us, Deep Dives, Listening - A parent’s guide to the voices of children, to inform systems mapping for Best Start to Life, and will inform the MRCC Municipal Early Years Plan, and be shared back to children and the broader community.

To find out more and to read the results of the project visit the Hand Up Mallee Voices of Children webpage