Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C104mild

Implementation of the Planning Scheme Review 2018 and Planning Policy Framework

Current Status

The amendment documents (as exhibited) can be viewed on the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning DELWP Website.  Submissions closed Monday 18 October 2021.  A proposed Response to Submissions Summary is being prepared by Council officers for Councillor consideration at an upcoming Council meeting.  This is currently anticipated to be December 2021 Ordinary Council Meeting.

Community Consultation - Have Your Say

Please see the Victorian Government Gazette notice below for information about the amendment.


Planning and Environment Act 1987


Notice of the preparation of an amendment

Amendment C104mild

The Mildura Rural City Council has prepared Amendment C104mild to the Mildura Planning Scheme.

The amendment affects all land within the Mildura Rural City Council.

The amendment proposes to implement the third review of the Mildura Planning Scheme, adopted by Council in April 2019 and meets its obligations under Section 12B of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (the Act). It further proposes to implement the Planning Policy Framework (PPF) translation and other strategic documents, including the review of Special Use Zones 8 & 9 Issues Paper, the Mildura Retail Strategy Review, the Loddon Mallee Waste and Resource Recovery Group Report Implementation Plan and recommendations arising from Amendment C89. 

 You may inspect the amendment, any documents that support the amendment and the explanatory report about the amendment, free of charge from date of gazettal [Thursday 26 August 2021] at the following locations:

 Any person who may be affected by the Amendment may make a submission to the planning authority about the amendment. Submissions must be made in writing giving the submitter’s name and contact address, clearly stating the grounds on which the Amendment is supported or opposed and indicating what changes (if any) the submitter wishes to make.

Name and contact details of submitters are required for Council to consider submissions and to notify such persons of the opportunity to attend any public hearing held to consider submissions.

Submissions provided are considered public documents and issues/matters raised therein (including authorship) may be reported to Council in an open Council meeting agenda and posted on Council’s website. Enquiries regarding confidential submissions may be directed to the Coordinator Strategic Planning on (03) 5018 8419.

The closing date for submissions is Monday 18 October 2021.  

 A submission must be sent to: Mr Peter Douglas Co-ordinator Strategic Planning, Mildura Rural City Council, PO Box 105, Mildura  VIC  3502

The planning authority must make a copy of every submission available for any person to inspect free of charge for two months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses. You may inspect copies of submissions at the following location:

  • Mildura Rural City Council website .
  • Council’s Madden Avenue and Deakin Avenue Service Centres

Should you not have access to the internet and the above offices are closed or not accessible during office hours, please contact Coordinator Strategic Planning on (03) 5018 8419 to make alternative arrangements to view copies of submissions.


Martin Hawson Acting Chief Executive Officer




In accordance with the gazette notice above Council has collated the submissions received to date (12/10/2021) into a single document that can be viewed at the bottom of this page.  Names of submitters are included in the document but private contact information has been redacted from the document.

Submissions provided are considered public documents and issues/matters raised therein (including authorship) may be reported to Council in an open Council meeting agenda and posted on Council’s website. 




Request for Authorisation to Prepare Amendment Lodged

 30 September 2020

Approval to Prepare Amendment Received from the Minister for Planning

 4 May 2021

Exhibition of Amendment

20 August 2021 to 18 October 2021

Submissions to the Amendment Assessed and response prepared

mid-October through November 2021

Submissions Reported to Council for Consideration

Anticipated for December 2021


More Information

For more information regarding the amendment please contact Council's Strategic Planning Team on (03) 5018 8100.