Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C100

Sixteenth Street Greenway Interface 

Current Status

Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C100 Part 1 - Approved by Minister for Planning as Published in the Victorian Government Gazette on  6 September 2018.

Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C100 Part 2 - Approved by Minister for Planning as Published in the Victorian Government Gazette on 4 April 2019.

Amendment Progress/Timeline

Event  Comment/Date
Public Exhibition  10 November 2017 to 18 December 2017
Submissions Reported to Council  28 March 2018

 Amendment split into two parts.  C100 Part 1 was Adopted. 

C100 Part 2 was referred to Independent Panel for consideration.

 28 March 2018
Panel Hearing (Melbourne) 21-22 May 2018
 Panel Report Received and Released 29 June 2018

 C100 Part 1 Approved by the Minister and Gazetted

6 September 2018

 C100 Part 2 Approved by the Minister and Gazetted  4 April 2019


Numerous planning documents including the Mildura South Strategic Framework Plan, 2007 and the Mildura South Precinct Structure Plan, 2014 and the Mildura South (Sixteenth & Deakin West) Development Plan, 2014 (all referenced in the Mildura Planning Scheme here) confirm a strategic vision for the creation of a Greenway along Sixteenth Street. The Greenway is to form a high quality landscape corridor which will facilitate and encourage walking and cycling, reducing an overall reliance on the motor car and increase social interactions between residents of this new growth area.

Amendment C100 seeks to apply the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) – Schedule 14 to provide guidance for the development of land located on the south-western side of Sixteenth Street, Mildura between Deakin Avenue and Riverside Avenue except for land located in the Urban Growth Zone1, Public Use Zone1 or 623 Deakin Avenue, Mildura.

The new DDO Schedule will be essential to ensure that there is a permit trigger for development to ensure it visually addresses the Sixteenth Street Greenway and to prevent the establishment of vehicle crossovers along this frontage to facilitate a protected bicycle path in the Greenway corridor. It will further provide Council with a clear set of design requirements to facilitate assessment of planning applications in this area. The amendment as such will bring about Community and Council’s expectations and achieve best practice planning after years of studies for the area prepared alongside with the community.

The amendment also rezones a parcel of Council owned land on Deakin Avenue Mildura to Public Park and Recreation Zone PPRZ. The rezoning along Deakin Avenue will provide certainty and will facilitate the envisaged future of the land as a recreation reserve.

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Amendment Documentation Available for Viewing or Download

To view the documents relating to the Amendment please visit the Department of Environment Land and Water's Planning Scheme Amendment Documents on Exhibition page.