Council recognises there are social, economic and environmental benefits to supporting a vibrant and creative culture. 

Busking is a colourful and creative platform on which to showcase the regions diversity and talents, with the Riverfront and CBD precincts providing the optimum venues for these experiences.

Through various artistic mediums, people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, ages and levels of ability, are able to connect, entertain and generate income through public performance at a grassroots level.

Council also understands that this must be achieved in a way that complements and retains the ambiance and amenity of the surrounds, is safe, accessible and culturally sensitive for visitors, residents and those working in the area.

These guidelines are designed to provide boundaries for performers, businesses and community around the rules and expectation that influence busking activities in public spaces.

Roving Performers

The Roving Performers project is a partnership between Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura City Heart. It aims to stimulate the local economy by promoting and supporting outdoor dining and providing more opportunities for local artists to perform. This COVID recovery initiative is funded by the Victorian Government's Local Councils Outdoor Eating and Entertainment package.

Our Roving Performers can be found every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm in the Mildura City Heart, and on the Mildura riverfront during the day on weekends. To find out more visit https://bit.ly/3dsaFRh


STEP 1:   Register as a busker using the form below

STEP 2:   Contact Jill Antonie on (03) 5018 8100 to express your interest in being part of the project.

STEP 3:   When a ‘gig’ has been scheduled, Project Coordinator Stephanie Rogers will contact you to provide additional documentation.

STEP 4:   Prior to performing, Stephanie will complete the ‘Roving Performers Induction’ process with you. This covers everything you need to know regarding payment, safety, COVID planning and more. The induction process is quick and easy and provides you with the opportunity to ask questions.

STEP 5:   Perform!

STEP 6:   Submit your invoice

For more information check out our FAQ below, or contact Jill Antonie on (03) 5018 8100.

How long does the project last?

The project launched in February and will run for approximately 16 weeks.

How do I know what to charge?

The performance fees have been set at $350 for a solo act, $450 for a duo and $550 for a group.

How long do I perform for?

The fees are set for 3 x 45-minute sets.


What if I don't have enough material for 3 x 45-minute sets?

You can repeat a set in a different location depending on the program. Discuss any concerns with Stephanie so she can arrange the best fit for you. In some circumstances we may have the ability to adjust the amount of sets and times. We are keen to give everyone the opportunity to participate, and we will work to ensure you can be part of this great initiative.

I'm not a professional, I am concerned that I won't be good enough?

This is not a professional gig, we want to provide an opportunity for you to showcase what you can do – not what you can’t!

Can I perform outside of the project times?

Armed with your Busking Permit you can perform in the City Heart and Riverfront as per the Busking Guidelines. In fact, we want you to busk, as much as you can!

I don't play an instrument or sing, can I perform?

We are encouraging diversity. This means; magicians, jugglers, story-tellers, beat poets, choirs, theatre groups and much more. The Busking Guidelines outline the kind of activities that are defined as busking.

Where and when do I perform?

The program is spread across the Mildura Riverfront (Saturday and Sunday – day time) and Mildura City Heart (Thurs to Sat from 6pm). Each precinct has set performance sites. Stephanie will discuss this in more detail with you prior to performing.

Can I sell my CD?

If you have original music, you can set your CDs up for sale.

Can I advertise my gigs?

Please let everyone know about the program! Updates on gig guide and schedule of events can be found on Facebook, visit https://bit.ly/3dsaFRh or search for ‘Roving Performers’.