Cr Troy Bailey


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Cr Troy Bailey grew up on a dried fruit property in Coomealla with his seven brothers and three sisters. Working the block with his family created a strength and determination to finish the job no matter what.

Cr Bailey started his career in 1989 at the Mildura Base Hospital at the age of 17 years, teaching nurses to use technology they had never seen before. His passion for health services in the Mallee continued to direct his efforts, working with GPs and Specialists to improve communication and service delivery. Assisting Sunraysia Community Health Services to implement innovative healthcare solutions and now continuing that work at the Mildura Base Public Hospital.

Cr Bailey has great pride in the strength of communities in North West Victoria who continue to be dealt a raw deal by state and federal governments, seeing firsthand the limited resources that flow past Bendigo.

In his current term he is focused on working with the Council to make Sunraysia more affordable, to encourage and support business development and reignite our tourism industry.