Sister Cities

Mildura Rural City has formal sister city relationships with three international communities. Based on the premise of cultural, educational, tourism and trade exchange, the relationships serve to enhance our community’s understanding of other parts of the world and to develop a mutually beneficial foundation for future generations to enjoy.

Upland, United States of America

Our shared history as settlements founded by the Chaffey Brothers has been the basis for the relationship between our cities which commenced as an agreement of friendship in 1969.

Kumatori, Japan

Kumatori and Mildura established ties in 1986 and the relationship has since involved many regular cultural and sporting visits, including annual student exchanges and Mildura runners participating in the Senshu International City Marathon.

The relationship was formalised as a sister city in 2001 and is dedicated to deepening the mutual understanding between citizens of Kumatori and Mildura through educational, cultural, industrial and sporting exchanges.

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Dali, China

Mildura and Dali's Sister City relationship is based on developing trade opportunities between the two cities. Located in the Yunnan Province in South West China, Dali is a popular tourist destination for both Chinese and foreign visitors. Dali boasts spectacular natural scenery consisting of mountains, lakes and forests.