The State of Mildura Rural City Report 2018

Report cover image.jpg

Mildura Rural City Council now has the most complete snapshot of our region’s health and wellbeing ever produced – the State of Mildura Rural City Report 2018.

The report is the product of a collaborative effort by key stakeholders including Council, the Northern Mallee Community Partnership – Hands Up Mallee collective, Sunraysia Community Health Services and report researcher Rachael Williams from specialist consultants Local Logic Place.

Encompassing everything from levels of physical activity, drug and alcohol use and education through to solar energy take-up, rates of volunteering and economic data, the report contains a staggering amount of information, which is compared against the rest of Victoria.

We encourage as many service provides and agencies as possible to utilise this document to gain a better understanding of our community’s wellbeing, helping them identify where to focus your attention to achieve better outcomes for our community.