Smart Cities: Internet of Things (IoT) technology trial

Mildura Rural City Council is leading a trial of Internet of Things (IoT) technology across four Mallee-based councils.

Mildura, Buloke, Gannawarra and Swan Hill councils are participating in the 12-month Smart Cities project.

The trial will see a network of various physical objects embedded with sensors that capture data about how different assets and sites are used. This valuable information will help participating councils provide community services and better plan for growth.

Explore data from the Mildura trial  

Mildura Rural City Council is trialling various different IoT devices. You can learn more about how these work and explore the data the devices are capturing by clicking on the links below.

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City refers to the use of digital technology to collect data that can be used to manage assets and resources efficiently.

Smart Cities can help create more liveable cities, without compromising the well-being of their citizens. They are innovative in their use of digital solutions to manage services and infrastructure effectively, improve the well-being of the community and the environment, and to create a vibrant local economy.

Why do councils want to monitor how public assets and spaces are used?

The information obtained from high quality continuous utilisation monitoring is extremely useful to councilc and other organisations. The data will only capture and present volume of utilisation (count the number of entities) in an area and can be used to:

  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of ongoing and major events in the community
  • Provide data for service reviews and asset scheduling/maintenance
  • Inform planning and implementation activities or proposals
  • Understand changes in activity in relation to cyclic and ad-hoc events

How is the data managed?

The IoT system comprises sensors which detect movement and count the number of entities in a space. The counts are compiled and sent to a LoRaWAN network gateway every hour. The gateway uses a public access network to then transmit the collected data to software for analysis, reporting and presentation. 


Is IoT data available to the public?

Yes. All public data captured through the IoT trial will be made available to the public and for other organisations to utilise.

Each participating council's data will be shared via their individual websites and on

No images or personally  identifiable information will be captured, reported or shared.