Library Services in the Millewa and Mallee Track

Mildura Rural City Council is planning a new approach to delivering library services for Millewa and Mallee Track residents.

The existing mobile library service will be replaced with a combination of pop-up and permanent libraries in Ouyen, Walpeup, Underbool, Murrayville, Lake Cullulleraine and Werrimull. This will give Mallee Track and Millewa residents more access to library services than ever before.

The changes are being implemented following a thorough review of all our Library Services in 2017.

At this stage dates for the new services to start and mobile library operations to cease have not been finalised however we will keep you informed and notify the community as soon as details are confirmed.

Plans for the roll-out of this new approach to library services are progressing well and an update on each site is provided below.


The Library Services Review recommended establishing a Community Resource Centre at the Irymple library facility. The Christie Centre commenced operations at this facility on 2 July 2018.

Lake Cullulleraine

 A weekly pop-up library will be set up at the former Lake Cullulleraine Tennis Club building,opening from 1.30pm-3.30pm every Wednesday. Renovations have been completed on site and shelving and IT equipment has been installed. Final configuration adjustments will be completed in consultation with other tenants that use this facility.

Lake Cullulleraine shelving.jpg

Newly installed shelving and library materials at Lake Cullulleraine



The new Murrayville library is proposed to be established at Pioneer Park, opening from 1pm-5pm Tuesdays and 10am-1pm Thursdays. A planning permit for this facility is currently being advertised so timing for the completion of works may be subject to the volume and content of feedback received as part of this process. Library materials and equipment are currently being sourced and promotional signage has been installed onsite to inform the community about the proposed service.


The Library Services Review recommended ceasing mobile library services at Nangiloc due to a lack of patronage at this site. The mobile library’s last visit to Nangiloc was 25 June 2018.


The new Ouyen library will be based in Council’s Ouyen Service Centre and once ready, will be open daily from 8am to 5pm.  Demolition works have been completed on site and partitioning is being constructed. New shelving has arrived and library equipment and materials are currently being sourced. Signage to advertise incorporation of the new library service at the Ouyen Service Centre is also being developed in preparation for commencement. Works are anticipated to be completed on site in the coming weeks.

Ouyen SC Works.jpgOuyen SC Plans.jpg
Renovation works and plans for the new library within the Ouyen Service Centre 



A weekly pop-up library service will operate from the Underbool-Linga Hall, open from 10am-1pm on Tuesdays. Some minor works may be required on site and this is being investigated.


A weekly pop-up library service will operate from the Walpeup Hall, open 1.30pm-4.30pm Thursdays. A new ramp has been installed on site to provide better access and other concrete works have also recently been completed.


A weekly pop-up library service will operate from the Werrimull Hall, open 10am-12pm Wednesdays. No works are required at this site.


More information

Scott Umback, Manager Leisure & Cultural Services
(03) 5018 8100