Cr Simon Clemence


Portfolio: Governance and Corporate Planning
Term: 2016-2020


Committees: Audit Committee, CEO Employment Matters Committee, Finance Advisory Committee, Aboriginal Action Committee, Municipal Association of Victoria, Regional Cities Victoria, Murray River Group of Councils, North West Municipalities Association, Northern Mallee Community Partnership, Mildura Future Ready Steering Committee, Sister City Association, North West Rail Alliance, Australia Day Committee.

Cr Simon Clemence joined Council for the first time in 2016. Now retired, Cr Clemence was a Police Inspector and Local Area Commander for Mildura and lives at Cardross. Cr Clemence is passionate about the region and through his previous role has developed strong community links that enable him to work for the betterment of the community.  He has a strong background in crime reduction initiatives, Ice education, family violence and improving Aboriginal youth training and employment. With particular interests in the economic development and the growth of our region, access to services and social justice, Cr Clemence is keen to support improved community safety, connectivity and employment opportunities.