Our Vision

Making this the most liveable, people-friendly community in Australia.

Our Council 

Council is made up of nine publicly elected Councillors who each serve four year terms. The day-to-day operations of the organisation are led by the Chief Executive Officer, who is appointed by Council. 

Mildura Rural City Council plays an important role in helping shape the future of the region and enhancing community wellbeing. We deliver more than 100 different services to residents across our municipality. In addition to the three main customer service centres, our workforce and services are spread across the municipality which include worksites and public access points such as Libraries, Depots, Landfills, Child Care and Maternal and Child Health Centres, and Swimming Pools. 

Our Values

Respect - We will be respectful towards others and value differences.

Honesty - We will be ethical and open.

Integrity - We will be reliable and trustworthy in all that we do.

Transparency - We will be objective and fair in our communications and decisions.

Accountability - We will be consistent and responsible for our actions.

Our Principles

Leadership - By providing clear direction through strategies and plans Council will achieve agreed outcomes for our community. 

Customers - Council is here to provide services to the whole municipality and therefore our community should have a say in what we do and how we do it. 

Systems Thinking - Council recognises that achieving excellent outcomes for our community is done through all parts of the organisation working together effectively and with other levels of government and the wider community. 

People - By involving and developing people, Council enhances commitment, performance and working relationships to improve organisational outcomes. 

Continuous Improvement - To remain relevant and capable of producing excellent results our organisation needs to continually learn and adapt. 

Information & Knowledge - Council will make the best quality decisions when effort is spent to collect and present all objective relevant data and information. 

Variation - By addressing the underlying factors that cause our processes to deliver inconsistent or unpredictable outcomes (variation) Council’s customers will receive the highest standard of service. 

Corporate & Social Responsibility - Council will manage its operations to comply with law and ethical standards and to produce an overall positive impact on our community.

Sustainable Results - To deliver sustainable results Council must have a culture that promotes accountability through all levels of the organisation.