Councillor Allowances and Reimbursements

Councillor Allowances

At the beginning of each Council term, Council is required to set allowances for its Councillors within the range that is set by the Minister of Local Government.

The Minister classified each Council into one of three categories.  According to size, Mildura Rural City Council has been classified as a Category 2 Council.

The Minister for Local Government declared the allowance rates for the Mayor and Councillors to be increased from 1 December 2019, as set out below:







Superannuation Guarantee Allowance (9.5%)

$  7,714.48

$  2,493.17

Total Allowance Payable




Councillor Expenses and Reimbursements

The Councillor Support and Expenses Policy outlines the circumstances that a Councillor will be reimbursed for expenses when undertaking the role of a Councillor.

In accordance with this policy, a report detailing all expenses is to be presented to Council on a quarterly basis. These details will also be made available on Council's website.

The following table represents the total amount paid or reimbursed to each Councillor.  These figures include allowances, superannuation guarantee allowance and any reimbursements made.  


 Quarter Four


 Quarter One





Cr Greg Brown





Cr Anthony Cirillo





Cr Simon Clemence





Cr Mark Eckel





Cr Helen Healy  $7,525.79  $7,721.53  $15,840.68  $7,250.25

Cr Glenn Milne





Cr Jason Modica





Cr Min Poole





Cr Gavin Sedgmen