Senior Officer Employment

The employment of all staff within Council (excluding the Chief Executive Officer) is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) outlines restrictions on the employment of Senior Officers.

What is a Senior Officer?

As defined in the Act, a Senior Officer is:

  • A member of Council staff who has management responsibilities and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer; or
  • Any other member of Council staff whose total remuneration package exceeds $145,000* (as at 1 January 2018). This package includes total salary, superannuation contribution, professional development and vehicle costs.

* Threshold set by the Minister for Local Government in a notice published in the Victoria Government Gazette on 27 December 2017

Advertising for a Senior Officer position

Before employing a Senior Officer, the CEO must invite applications by advertising in a newspaper circulated generally throughout Victoria.

Council has well established recruitment processes that ensure selections are based on merit by way of a fair, open and competitive process.

Please note these requirements do not apply to the appointment of a person acting in a Senior Officer position for less than 12 months. A Senior Officer should not be employed in an Acting capacity beyond 12 months.

Senior Officer Contracts

All Senior Officers must be employed under a contract. This contract must:

  • Specify performance criteria for the purpose of annual performance reviews; and
  • Specify the expiry date that is not more than five years after the date the contract commences

On the expiry of a Senior Officer’s contract, the Senior Officer may be invited to enter into a new contract without advertising the position.

Annual Review of Senior Officer Performance

The CEO must review the performance of every Senior Officer at least once each year.  This is done through a formal review process conducted annually.

Senior Officer Remuneration

Senior Officer remuneration details are reported annually as part of Council's Financial Statements and Annual Report.

Employment of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The employment of the CEO is the responsibility of Council. Council can only appoint a CEO after it has invited applications by advertising in a newspaper circulating generally throughout Victoria.

Council has also adopted a CEO Appointment Policy which outlines the skills and attributes desirable in a CEO and the recruitment process to be followed.

The recruitment process is undertaken by a specialist management recruitment firm and a sub-committee appointed by the Council.  The purpose of the sub-committee is to undertake the role of selection panel in conjunction with an independent panel member.

Following the recruitment process, a formal report is presented to Council outlining the selection process and recommending an appointment be made inclusive of the proposed salary package details.

The CEO’s current remuneration package is $330,000, which includes a vehicle and superannuation, noting that the salary component is $289,863. This figure has not changed since our current CEO was appointed in August 2019. 

Contract renewal

Council can reappoint a person as the CEO if:

  • In the six months immediately before the contract was due to expire they pass a resolution to reappoint that person as its CEO; and
  • At least 14 days before the resolution is passed, public notice was given of the intention to put the resolution; and
  • The public notice must include a statement indicating that the passing of the resolution would result in the reappointment of the CEO without the position being advertised

If Council resolve to reappoint a person as its CEO without advertising the position, details of the proposed total remuneration must be made available for public inspection for 14 days after the passing of the resolution.

Please note these requirements do not apply to the appointment of a person acting as the CEO for a period less than 12 months.

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