Solar Distillation Demonstration Site

Solar Distillation Demonstration Site

This system uses panels to produce distilled water from contaminated, stormwater or saline water sources.

The Solar Distillation Demonstration Site at the Mildura Eco Village showcases how impurities can be removed from contaminated water. This is done by applying a heat source such as the sun to the water to turn it to vapour, thereby purifying the water.

70 distillation panels are set up as part of the demonstration site. Distilled water generated from the system is used to irrigate the landscaped areas on site at the Mildura Eco Village.

Like many regions bordering the Murray Darling Basin, water security is of critical concern for agricultural industries and communities in the Mildura region.

This solar distillation project will potentially offer a new model for more efficient use of water as an essential, but declining, resource. Distillation of water has been an important area of developing technology with many companies aiming to produce water from “green” processes. As a result various technologies have been developed around the world, aiming to achieve water distillation using solar radiation.