Red Cliffs & District Community Plan

Published on 25 November 2022

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Mildura Rural City Council is working with residents in the Red Cliffs area to review their Community Plan. The last Community Plan developed in the Red Cliffs community was in 2015/2016 and was endorsed by Council in May 2016. This Community Plan has now been flagged by Council and the Red Cliffs Focus Group for review.

As with most Community Plans, they have a short life expectancy in small rural communities, the aspirations and priorities of the community change as well as their needs.

Community Plans provide Council with a wealth of information from each town in the Mildura Municipality area. These plans also determine what is valued by local communities and residents. They assist in providing a more sustainable response to community needs.

By recognising the potential of Community Plans in building local social, economic and environmental capital and working in partnership with communities, Council is acknowledging that people living in the community are best placed to direct the future growth and development of the municipality. This is calling the ‘grassroots’ approach to planning and development, it ensures that the community’s needs are being recognised and responded to by Local Government, and that residents are supported to be proactive in directing future decision making that concerns their towns.

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