Community Conversations

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We are introducing a new initiative called Community Conversations. It’s been developed to make it easier for Councillors and you, the community, to discuss local issues together. Starting from April 2021, Councillors and staff will visit a different town throughout the region to discuss local issues with residents and ratepayers and get your meaningful feedback.

Each and every Councillor is committed to being open and available to hearing what our community is saying and using this information to make decisions that will best serve everyone for the future.

We are kicking this off with an evening in Nangiloc on Wednesday 21 April.

Below is a list of where we’ll be over the next year and a half and when we’ll be there. There should be a location close to you, hope to see you there!

For information and enquiries please contact Charmaine Calis on 5018 8100.

Next event

Wednesday 21 April 2021
Location: Nangiloc Tavern
Time: From 5:30pm

Bookings: 5018 8179 or


Location Dates
Nangiloc Wednesday 21 April 2021 
 Ouyen June 2021 
 Merbein August 2021 
 Mildura September 2021
 Underbool October 2021
 Red Cliffs January 2022
 Cullulleraine March 2022 
 Irymple May 2022 
 Walpeup July 2022 
 Murrayville September 2022

*Subject to COVID restrictions.  All events will be run using COVID-Safe guidelines.