Community Quick Response Grant Program

The Mildura Rural City Council Community Grant Program provides opportunities for not-for-profit community groups to deliver innovative local projects and programs that support Council’s vision of making this “the most liveable, people-friendly community in Australia”.

The Community Grant Program aims to:

  • Facilitate and support initiatives that strengthen the community through opportunities for participation, development, arts, inclusion, the environment and sustainability.
  • Support a range of interest areas including health and wellbeing, community support, community spirit, arts, history and culture, the environment, and access and equity.
  • Assist Council to deliver identified objectives, priorities and strategies and align with the Council Plan.

How much is available?

 Name  Maximum amount per application  Length of funding agreement  Rounds  Funding ratio
Quick Response  Up to $2,000 12 months Oct-June Nil


When do grant applications open and close?

  • Quick Response – Now open
  • Quick response grants are assessed within 14 days, and intended to provide support to meet an immediate need in the community.

How do I apply for this grant?

Applications must be submitted electronically via Council’s online grants portal (Smartygrants).
To start an application please call 03 5018 8100 and ask to speak to the Community Grants Program Officer.
A copy of the grant application form is attached below to assist you in preparing your application.

If you have any questions please call 03 5018 8100 and ask to speak to the Community Grants Program Officer.

For more information see documents below:

  • Community Grants Program Guidelines
  • Community Grants Program Policy

Applications must address the following mandatory criteria. If an application does not address the mandatory criteria, it will not be eligible for assessment: 

  1. Provide details of all monetary and in-kind contributions (this must be in line with the requirements of the funding level, i.e. Large Grants 1:2).
  2. Provide a plan for consultation/engagement.
  3. Identify where the project aligns with the Community and Council Plan 2021-2025.


Applications will be scored and assessed according to the following assessment criteria:





Clearly describe the project and how it addresses one or more of the program priority areas stated in the Community Grant Guidelines.

Applications that address more than one priority area are encouraged.



Provide clear evidence of a need for the project within the community.



Provide an achievable plan for delivery of the project, including timeline and consideration of risk.



Outline measures to be used to show if the project has been successful in achieving the stated outcome/s.



Demonstrate consideration for:

Inclusiveness and accessibility

Being ‘inclusive’ and ‘accessible’ means welcoming everyone - regardless of age, gender, race and ability and that all people involved have an equal opportunity to participate at a level they choose.

Social and environmental sustainability

Includes supporting local businesses, employment of indigenous people or people with disabilities, promotion of environmentally friendly practices, purchase/use of products that consume minimal energy, water or other resources.