Current River Levels and Indicative Flood Mapping

PLEASE NOTE - This page was last updated at 9:15am Monday 23 January 2023 and will no longer be updated daily. Please refer to links below for current river level information.

Indicative Flood Mapping

This online flood map allows you to search for your property address and gives a better indication of where floodwaters may reach.  

The blue shaded area represents what hydrologists estimate the extent of the floods may be based on historical information captured (for example: photos and gauge heights). Please use Mid Murray 2% AEP depths (m) (Indicative 2022 flood event) filter for our region. This map will be updated as more accurate modelling becomes available. Information for Wentworth Shire Council residents is available here.

Indicative Flood Map

Concerned about your property? Please contact the SES for further support and information about how to best prepare.

River levels - last updated 23 January 2023

Wimmera Mallee Rainfall and River Conditions map

*Note - all levels are measured using the Australian Height Datum (AHD)

Location Current River Height Minor Flood Level Moderate Flood Level Major Flood Level
Boundary Bend 4.83m (falling) 8m 8.5m 9m
Euston Weir DS 46.79m (falling) 51.02m 51.72m 52.22m
Colignan 6.30m (falling)  8m 8.5m 9m
Mildura 35.21 (falling) 36m 37.5m 38.5m
Wentworth Weir (Lock 10) 32.55m (falling)  32.08m 32.68m 33.88m

Water Data Online provides free access to nationally current and historical water information that is collected by the Bureau of Meteorology under the Water Regulations (2008). This includes river heights.