Millewa drought relief projects

Council received $1 million through the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Program in April 2019, which has been held in a Drought Community Reserve since October 2019.

Councillors voted to allocate this funding to three Millewa-based projects at the February Ordinary Council Meeting on Wednesday 26 February 2020.

Preparations for each project have started with community consultation, scope refinement, design and planning. Input from the Millewa community and key user groups is vital and Council is committed to include them throughout this process. Please see below for details on these three projects:

Lake Cullulleraine Foreshore amenities

The project will upgrade amenities on the Lake Cullulleraine foreshore for use by both local and visitors. Activities could include new lighting, a permanent stage, upgrade of the playground area, BBQ, camp kitchen facilities and tourist information board. The projects would also see a floating pontoon constructed on the lake. The project has the potential to directly employ local residents by engaging local contractors, as well as stimulate tourism and improve access to facilities. 

Estimated Cost: $195,000
Estimated Timeframe: 12-18 Months

Millewa Resource Centre upgrades

The project will enhance facilities within the Millewa Resource Centre. The former tennis clubrooms, this building is currently leased to the Millewa-Carwarp Landcare Group. It is also used regularly to host a visiting Council Library service. Upgrades proposed include improved kitchen and toilet facilities and has the potential to directly employ residents by engaging local contractors.

Estimated Cost: $30,000
Estimated Timeframe: 2-3 Months

Cullulleraine Community Complex and Netball Court

This project will upgrade and improve the Cullulleraine Community Complex. Improvements could be made to the toilets, football and netball change rooms and other areas. Outside works could include new directional signage, playground shade areas and the addition of a second netball court. This project would improve access to local services and facilities and has the potential to directly employ residents by engaging local contractors.

Estimated Cost: $845,000
Estimated Timeframe: 18-24 Months


DrumMUSTER program 

We received considerable interest from Millewa residents to expand the local drumMUSTER program. We have been working with proponents for this since November 2019 however the idea is yet to be fully developed. Therefore it was not included as one of the possible drought-relief projects at this point. We continue to work with people from the Millewa community to see if this concept could become a viable project.