Drought Recovery Grant Program

Mildura Rural City Council has partnered with Agriculture Victoria to establish the Drought Recovery Grant Program.

The program is available to farm businesses to implement approaches to assist in the recovery of extended drought conditions.

A one-off grant of up to $3,000 (ex-GST) per farm business is available to assist eligible farm businesses implement drought restoration and other land management activities that may aid in drought recovery.

The program is available to eligible farm businesses in the Millewa-Carwarp, and will:

  • Help manage the farm property to recover from drought conditions
  • Support the long-term viability of the farm
  • Minimise further damage to soil
  • Help prevent soil erosion and environmental impacts

The Program will be open for applications until funds are exhausted, or 11.59pm on 30 June 2022.

Apply now at https://mrcc.smartygrants.com.au/droughtrecovery

What activities are eligible for funding?

  • Costs associated with professional contractors and/or services used for soil erosion restoration and/or activities to prevent erosion
  • Costs associated with sand drift impacted fence lines. This includes fence posts, droppers, strainers, wire and other equipment
  • Machine hire for reformation of dunes
  • Establishment of ground cover for ground stabilisation that aims to prevent ongoing soil erosion 
  • Planting of native or indigenous vegetation for wind breaks that aims for protection from soil erosion
  • Planting of new season seed and the use of associated fertiliser for protection from soil erosion
  • Planting of native or indigenous trees and revegetation activities
  • Protection of remnant vegetation activities
  • Costs associated with seeking professional advice to undertake soil erosion restoration and/or management of soil erosion
  • Items to construct new or upgrade an existing Stock Containment Area (SCA) such as fencing, gates, water troughs, piping, tanks, pumps and livestock feeders

Frequently Asked Questions

How far do wind breaks protect land downwind?

Windbreaks protect land downwind for about 10 times the height of the break.

Is buying seed and fertiliser to plant ground cover in an eroded area an acceptable process?

If the seed and fertiliser is for areas that are currently eroding than yes, it is an acceptable purchase. If the area isn’t eroded, it isn’t an acceptable purchase.

I own, share or lease more than one property?

One grant will be offered per applicant. An applicant who operates more than one farm business may only apply for a grant for one of their businesses.

Will I need Land Managers Consent to plant native trees on roadsides?

Yes, you will need to obtain the necessary permits and approvals to plant on public land.

More information

Contact Mildura Rural City Council on 03 5018 8100 or email mrcc@mildura.vic.gov.au