Youth Art Prize

The FReeZA Youth Art Prize is a competition that aims to encourage the creative talents of our young people and provides a showcase for their works.

The 2017 Youth Art Prize is now closed and winners were announced 17 August.

YEAR 7-8                                

PAINTING                    Tegan Mahr for “Moonlit Forest”

DRAWING                    Daksh Patel for “Cosmic Effect” 

PHOTOGRAPHY         Caelan Beyer for “Karon Beach Sunset”

GRAPHIC DESIGN      Mercedes Robertson for “Umbrella”


YEAR 9-10                                      

PAINTING                    Gabbi Alessi for “Flower Pot” 

DRAWING                    Jake Vincent for “Be It – Don’t Dream It” 

PHOTOGRAPHY         Zoe Graham for “ Portrait Photography” 

GRAPHIC DESIGN      Dwayne Peterson for “Primus”


YEAR 11-12                                       

PAINTING                    Olivia McCarten for “Amphibian Ablaze” 

DRAWING                    Brooke Lauder for “Time Through The Eyes of an Octopus” 

GRAPHIC DESIGN      Nathan Mitchell for “The Space Between Your Fingertips”


POST SCHOOL           

PAINTING                    Jasper Kirby for “Picayune Foam From Divine Nature”

DRAWING                    Jordy Sapupo for “Springtime”


ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD                         

GRAPHIC DESIGN        Gemma French for her work “The Dress”


We look forward to your entries in 2018. Follow us on to stay in touch with our upcoming events.