Review of Special Use Zones 8 & 9 Along Fifteenth Street


Current Status

The necessary background has been established in Stage 1 of the project including contributions from the community as well as observations from the project team. 

As the project progresses to the second stage, You are invited to attend one of two workshops at the Henderson College, Irymple with the purpose being to present a summary of the key issues identified in stage 1 and to provide some initial observations. The two workshops will be held:

Date:         Wednesday 6 December 2017

Time:        Workshop 1: 4:00pm-5:30pm or Workshop 2, 6:00pm-7:30pm.

Venue:      Henderson College  807 Cowra Avenue Irymple 


Council is reviewing the Special Use Zones SUZ8 and SUZ9 and their respective Design and Development Overlays DDO10 and DDO11, which set the rules that guide the development of land fronting Fifteenth Street between Benetook Avenue and Sandilong Avenue.

The zones were introduced approximately 10 years ago to reinforce a separation between Mildura and Irymple, while recognising a decline in farming in the area and to provide some development opportunities. Design and Development Overlays were also introduced to establish building density, setbacks and landscaping requirements.

The aim of the zones and overlays was to retain a ‘non-urban’ break between Mildura and Irymple and now, 10 years on, after additional policy development, studies and projections, Council has determined a need to review the zones and overlays and is seeking community input on the future planning for these areas.




Important Questions

It is important to review not only the existing conditions of these zones, but also the role the locations may play in the future planning for Mildura. Key questions to be considered by this review include:

  • What role might these two locations play in the future growth of Mildura?
  • How do they integrate with planning for a future growth front in Mildura’s east?
  • Should the zones seek to preserve options for integration into a future growth area?
  • What new development opportunities might exist for the zones?
  • How should the ‘gateway’ treatment be addressed?

The project will run in three stages and each will involve an opportunity for the community to contribute. We are aiming to finalise the review process by mid 2018.


Project Progress/Timeline



Stage 1 - Background Review and Community Consultation.  Information evening at Henderson College.


18 October 2017


Project Documentation 

For more information please view the documents below or contact Strategic Planning on (03) 5018 8100 or email