Aboriginal Action Committee

Council's Aboriginal Action Committee (AAC) was established in late 2011 as a way of strengthening Council’s relationships and engagement with the local Aboriginal community. 

The purpose of the AAC is to ‘improve and enhance the wellbeing of the Aboriginal community in the Mildura Rural City Council municipality’.

The AAC meet bi-monthly at Council’s Deakin Avenue Service Centre. 

Committee membership consists of community members, Elders, representatives from key local Aboriginal organisations and committees and two Councillors.

Current AAC members include:

Clair Bates Elder position
Janine Wilson Elder position
Norsiyah Mokak Community member
Steve Portelli Community member
Marie Mitchell Community member
Trudy Rigney (Chair) Indigenous Family Violence Regional Action Group (IFVRAG) representative
Orion Hunt (Deputy Chair) Community member
LeRoy Badenoch Community member
Thelma Chilly Local Aboriginal Network (LAN) representative
Janene Murray Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (LAECG) representative
Jemmes Handy Local Aboriginal Justice Action Committee (LAJAC) representative
Rudolph Kirby Mallee District Aboriginal Services (MDAS) representative
Cr Ali Cupper Mildura Rural City Councillor
Cr Simon Clemence Mildura Rural City Councillor

The AAC has demonstrated huge commitment in working alongside Council, demonstrating positive relationships and ongoing communication between Council and the community, to make positive and sustainable change.

Some key achievements of the AAC to date can be found on our Aboriginal Heritage Page

More Information

Catherine Thompson, Social Inclusion Officer
Phone: (03) 5018 8630
Email: catherine.thompson@mildura.vic.gov.au