Produced annually, the Budget details Council’s planned income and expenditure over a twelve month period. It outlines the resources necessary to bring plans and strategies into fruition. This includes capital works programs, the provision of services and operational spending.

A message from our CEO

The 2016/17 Budget was adopted at our 2016 June Ordinary Council Meeting for the coming financial year.

Over the past twelve months, we have continued to review and refine operations in a bid to reduce costs where we can. We’ve looked at how our resources are allocated and are working to deliver our services as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As a local government organisation we deliver more than 100 different services, facilities and infrastructure for people who live, work and visit our region. The work we do is vital to ensure our regional city continues to grow, attract new business and investment.

The budget details the resources required over the next year to fund the large range of services we provide to the community. It also includes details of capital expenditure allocations to improve and renew our City’s physical infrastructure, buildings and operational assets as well as funding a range of operating projects.

Our budget seeks to balance the demand for services and infrastructure with the community’s capacity to pay and is in accordance with the State Government’s rate capping requirement. General rates will increase by 2.5% for the 2016/17 year.

The environment in which we operate presents many challenges, some which are beyond our control, and which can have significant revenue impacts on our budget. Considerations for the 2016/17 budget included:

  • the number of initiatives are reliant on grant funding, with only a portion of the total cost coming from Council contribution
  • the rising costs of providing services to the community as required by state and local governments legislative requirements, for example the Waste Levy on each tonne of landfill, which is now expected to cost our community $975,664 a year or employment of School Crossing Supervision which is now $166,200.00 a year
  • changes to Commonwealth’s financial assistance grants program
  • maintenance of community and council assets to the value of $705 million

All of the above mentioned was considered in line with our ongoing organisational Financial Sustainability Review, as we work towards providing the community with services, facilities and infrastructure, to help make this the most liveable, people-friendly community in Australia.

Gerard Jose
Chief Executive Officer