Recreation Facilities Upgrade Grant

Council’s Recreation Grants Scheme provides recreation groups with the opportunity and financial assistance to undertake a broad range of small to medium projects, with funding available through two different programs.

The Recreation Facilities Upgrade Grant is aimed at capital works projects that will improve or upgrade recreation facilities within the municipality.

Groups proposing projects at Council owned or managed facilities must apply for and receive approved Land Managers Consent prior to submitting a grant application. Groups requiring Land Managers Consent are encouraged to contact Council before the grant opening date as the approval process may take up to 6 weeks from receipt of a completed application form.

How much is available?
Up to $6,000. Funding is provided on a $2 for $1 funding ratio. For every $2 contributed by Mildura Rural City Council to a project, successful applicants must contribute a minimum of $1.

When do grant applications open and close?
Recreation Grants open in February and August every year. Please refer to the grant guidelines for round opening and closing dates.

How do I apply for this grant?
Click here to apply.