Paying your Rates

You can pay the full amount up front in one lump sum or you can spread your payment out by making quarterly instalments.

Full upfront payment deadline:

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Quarterly instalment payment deadlines:

1st payment Friday 30 September 2016
2nd payment Wednesday 30 November 2016
3rd payment Tuesday 28 February 2017
4th payment Wednesday 31 May 2017

To qualify for the quarterly instalment payment program your first instalment must be paid in full and is due on Friday 30 September 2016. First instalment payments will be received up to 5pm on Monday 3 October due to the Public Holiday on Friday 30 September.  Any payments made after this date will be treated as a part payment of the full upfront amount, which is due Wednesday 15 February 2017.

Interest and arrears

Overdue rates will incur an interest penalty. Late payments will be subject to penalty interest calculated from the date when each quarterly instalment was due, irrespective of whether or not a ratepayer has chosen to pay by the instalment or lump sum option. Interest also applies to any rates payments that are overdue from previous Financial Years.

Please contact Council for a final payment figure on your arrears prior to making payment.

You cannot participate in the instalment program unless all arrears are paid in full prior to your first instalment payment.

How can I pay my rates?

In person:

Visit any of Council’s Service Centres. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, money order or EFTPOS.

Online or by phone:

Pay online at Australia Post BillPay or phone 13 18 16.

By mail:

Post your cheque or money order, together with the Remittance Advice section from your Rates Notice to:
Mildura Rural City Council
PO Box 105

At Australia Post:

Present your rates notice intact.
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, debit card, Mastercard or Visa. 


Your financial institution can tell you if you have access to BPAY. You can use BPAY online or over the phone. Refer to the back of your Rates Notice for details.

By BPAY View:
BPAY View sends your bills and statements straight to the same online bank you use to pay them, saving you from shuffling paper.
With convenient email, SMS or bank message reminders and secure online or mobile access, BPAY View makes it easy to pay on time, every time. And BPAY View is easy on the environment too. Register for BPAY View and receive, pay and store your bills in your online banking.
You can register for BPAY View using your online banking account.

A free service for Centrelink customers to pay bills (including their Council Rates) as regular deductions from their Centrelink payments. Arrangements must be made through Centrelink.


 Scan the QR Code located on the front of your rate notice to register for e-Notices or go to

By Direct Debit:

Choose from a range of direct debit options. To register please complete and submit a Direct Debit Request Form.